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CALL FOR TENDER - Annual EGS Residents' Course

for Service Provision of Annual Residents’ Course of the European Glaucoma Society (EGS)
Regarding European Glaucoma Society, please, visit the EGS Website (www.eugs.org)

for Service Provision of Annual Residents’ Course of the European Glaucoma Society (EGS)
Regarding European Glaucoma Society, please, visit the EGS Website (www.eugs.org)

Event to be Organized

-Annual Residents’ Course of the European Glaucoma Society (EGS) (Friday and Saturday) and the EGS
Committee meetings (Thursday). Enclosed the 2018 program.

Duration of the Contract

-One year, option for yearly extensions. The tentative dates for the next Residents’ Course are February1-2, 2019.

Congress Venue

-University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Department of Ophthalmology,
Building 102, Langenbeckenstrasse 1, 55131, Mainz, Germany.

Meeting Hotel

-Novotel, Augustusstrasse 6, 55131 Mainz, Germany

Number of Attendees

-The number of participants is in 2018 was107, faculty of 18 and supporters 20; the participant number may beup to 140

PCO is expected to

-take responsibility for managing all organizational and administrative aspects of the Residents’ Course, bearall costs related to it and to collect and invoice all forms of revenue

-provide qualified personnel for the management of the Residents’ Course activities and be responsible to theEGS for the faithful and careful performance of its obligations

-make available all knowledge, systems and experience to provide its services in a professional way.

-participate in planning of the Residents’ Course and organize the Residents’ Course according to theinstructions received from EGS. The PCO may, with the EGS’s approval, sub-contract activities to a thirdperson/company. The PCO shall keep its duty of care in the selection, the instruction and the supervision ofthe sub-contractor(s). The PCO will become liable for any reasonable damage caused by the sub-contractorto EGS.

-establish a Residents’ Course Secretariat for the residents, faculty, industry and other related parties byproviding a centralised point of contact for all Residents’ Course activities, e.g. respond to emails andinquiries in a positive courteous and professional manner.

-create an easy-to-use on-line registration process for the Residents’ Course with reporting system of thenumber of participants

-manage the hotel accommodation and other related touristic items invoicing the expenses directly toparticipants.

-create a secure payment system (credit card transactions and bank transfers)

-assist with sponsorship acquisition for meetings and compose a sponsor information pack

-organize CME accreditation for the Residents’ Course

-create the signage for the Residents’ Course to be distributed prior to the meeting, e.g. decoration, signage tomeeting rooms on site, etc.

-create the layout and printing the program: Enclosed is the latest Residents’ Course, February 16-17, 2018

-liaise with the Program Planning Committee (PPC) to check provision of light, sound, picture, staging,
interactive voting system etc.. Supervise audiovisual provision. One Auditorium room plus three break outrooms

-provide publicity/marketing of the meetings

-organize, check and supervise catering services throughout the congress, including faculty dinners (Thursday)
and social dinner (Friday)

-submit all budgets and cost estimates to the EGS President and Treasurer, and Exec Com for final approval

-respond to other needs and requirements as the needs arise

Submission of Tender by June 15, 2018

-To apply, please click the link below.




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