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Portugal was chosen as the next destination of the European Best Event Awards (EuBea)

From 8th to 11th November 2017, Porto will host this international event, whose name can still change, as it will be global, accepting worldwide applications for the first time.

The announcement was made on 14th October by Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, in St. Petersburg during this year's European awards Gala.
The application was presented by the Portuguese Association of Congress, Events, Outdoor Leisure and Cultural Activity Companies (APECATE) and the Tourism of Portugal (TP) to the event organisers, the Italian ADC Group, and is supported by the Ministry of Economy, through its State Department of Tourism, the Tourism Association of Porto and Porto City Hall.
The expectation is that this event brings to the city of Porto over 600 organisers of European and world events, but also their customers and suppliers. Three days of conferences, presentations and networking that culminate in the awards ceremony.
"An opportunity for Porto and for the country to welcome the international events industry, thus presenting themselves as a destination of excellence for the industry," says APECATE.
According to the Association, "this victory means that national companies have a great opportunity to also come through in this international context, proving they are at the forefront of what is best made in this area."
EuBea 2017 will have an executive committee led by APECATE, whose content and program will soon be announced.




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